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End to End Closed Loop

As part of TVS SCS Rico, Triage can offer a closed loop for your repairs. From the engineer which replaces a defective unit on site and that part making its way back to the field repaired, Triage can manage the whole journey.

With a complete overview of your spares and the loop stock in the FSL’s and PUDO’s we can stop the repair of items when not needed and speed up the return loop when they are. Triage has in-night deliveries and pickups from TVS SCS Rico, this saves days in the loop cycle.

With Triage being the return to base repair centre and TVS SCS Rico being the field engineers we record returns by engineer and ensure any issues either with Triage repairs or engineers in the field are addressed. We also help with technical queries and supply spare parts to avoid parts coming back from the field unnecessarily.

The service is a mix and match offering, with Triage and Rico offering the services you require. If you have a field engineering team already we can support with the return to base repairs and TVS SCS Rico shipping to the PUDOs and FSLs across Europe for your engineers to collect and return to.

To speak with us regarding your requirements, please contact us on the numbers below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Triage Services Sales Centre: 01582 470870

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