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IT Asset Recovery

If you have or expect to have excess IT equipment that is no longer being utilised by your business, our Asset Recovery Team can help.

We offer a comprehensive range of IT Asset recovery services providing rapid logistics and engineering support and expertise to businesses that are looking to optimise the process of recovering, decommissioning, data wiping and reselling assets.

Our experienced team can either manage an entire project planning and coordinate all the communications, warehousing, transportation and repair or destruction services necessary or support you on one specific aspect of your Asset Recovery requirement.

Unlike solutions offered by other asset recovery specialist, we own and manages a national network of distribution centres, technical engineers, couriers and repair workshops. These resources ensure our clients avoid third party mark-ups and the lack of ‘ownership’ that can result in costly delays or errors when using multiple third-party suppliers as part of a supply chain strategy.

Here are some of the ways we provide support to our clients.

IT Asset Retrieval
Our nationwide network facilitates efficient, traceable IT asset retrieval by trained technicians to our storage locations with minimal interruption, ensuring a secure chain of custody. Our resources enable us to handle large, complex de-installs securely.

IT Asset Audit
We will typically audit your IT assets by Model, Category and Serial Number. Further details can be added, such as Asset number, Origin or build specifications. We will enter these details on to our WMS system enabling you to track the location and status of your IT assets in real-time.

Reutilization for Repair
By utilising your excess IT assets, you can extend the life of your installed equipment, lowering Total Cost of Ownership and repair turnaround times.

We offer Same Day and Advance Exchange repair services through our nationwide network of 40 Forward Stock Locations and 350 Pick Up Drop Off locations.

Many companies are finding they have or are expecting to have an excess of IT equipment as a result of their employees moving from office to home working. In such cases we can use utilise the excess equipment to perform swap-outs or discounted repairs on your existing install base, making sure your surplus assets continue to work for you.

Should the opportunity arise to re-deploy any stored IT equipment, we can stage and install on-site.

Data Destruction
If the equipment is no longer required, data will need to be erased to meet GDPR obligations. Fully traceable and secure through tamper-proof report, the erase utility that we use meets the highest security specifications detailed in the HMG InfoSec Standard No: 5.

Any data bearing devices that cannot be erased will be certifiably shredded into 20mm particles.

Excess buy-back
Your audited and appraised surplus IT equipment could have monetary value, based on market demand. We can help you unlock this value to be utilised elsewhere in your business.

Zero to landfill
Any equipment that has no use or value will be refined and recycled for their recyclable components. We will meet your WEEE obligations (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2007) and fulfil the care of duty to the environment (Environmental Protection Duty of Care Regulations 1991).

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