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Using our repair workshop system “Ridgeback” we track every repair, with details recorded upon receipt including serial number, customer ID number, engineer returning the device, and a fault narrative if available. The system checks to see if the unit is still under our repair workmanship warranty, how many times we have seen the device previously and our engineers will check to see if the manufactures warranty still applies.

In Warranty – OEM approved repair or return

Out of Warranty – A standard Triage repair comes with 90 days warranty on our workmanship

100% Yield – Where Triage will repair and replace all equipment received to achieve 100% yield

Applecare – As an accredited AASP all repairs will keep Applecare in place and any faults which are covered by OEM warranty will be repaired free of charge.

For an estate we can build a picture of the spare’s usage and common faults, this is where we can advise on a refurbishment rather than just fixing a fault. The data collection extends to the engineer in the field returning the unit, so No Fault Found (NFF) are recorded and we can advise which engineers need training to avoid unnecessary returns. This can also cover damaged parts, missing parts and if our repairs are deemed dead on arrival (DOA). This helps Triage validate our work and ensure any parts we have not repaired correctly 1st time are fixed; we operate the workshop so that any warranty returns are escalated to one of our senior engineers for review.

Any product being repaired for a single fault will be checked for full functionality, if we find subsequent faults they will be raised. If these faults are covered by OEM warranty, Triage will either carry these out for the OEM at zero charge to the end user or send out and manage warranty.

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