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For many of our customers whom are servicing large or small estates of products we will see trends of failures and can recommend preventative maintenance programmes of repair for these service parts to ensure they stay in the field for longer.

Woking alongside our principle and senior engineers, our operations team will build an intelligent repair specification for each repair we carry out, making changes regularly as we see faults and trends develop, to ensure an effective consistent repair is effected. As we track our engineers repairs we can see the best demonstrated practice across the workshops, tracking returns inside and outside of warranty.

  • Pre-emptive change of parts
  • Full replacement of broken parts and interacting parts.
  • Full clean, (both wet and dry)
  • New plastics / cosmetics, or respray of cosmetics
  • Additional consumable services e.g. new ear cushions on headsets

Continuous Improvement

With regular reviews conducted with our customers we can track and report on the returns within our repair warranty period and provide data on warranty validation. We can also record field engineer names to ensure the exchanges and repairs in field are effective, and help eliminate NFF’s.

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