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Triage’s upgrade service assists in keeping IT equipment working beyond the OEM’s warranty period thus reducing a costly refresh of estates. We can work with you to help upgrade your estate from supply of parts to a full refurbishment and upgrade service solution. With our procurement and re-marketing department we have access to ATM , PC , Laptop , EPOS and HHT’s spares to carry out the required upgrades.

For industrial and retail PC’s we have performed programs of automatic upgrade of components when they come back for repair. We track units which have already been upgraded by serial number and report back accordingly.

  • PC’s
  • Hand Held Terminals
  • EPOS
  • ATM

We have the ability to run a project to upgrade IT equipment for customers within our staging and build area. Our engineers can carry out Electronic and Mechanical upgrades as per the specification required by the customer.

To speak with us regarding your requirements, please contact us on the numbers below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Triage Services Sales Centre: 01582 470870
Customer Services 01582 470870
or alternatively, email us at