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The Break-Fix model is the most common of all our repair strategies , whereby our engineers identify the fault and repair/replace the defective part/parts, if additional parts outside of scope are required, cost approval is requested via an uplift request to the customer.

Where possible, we repair to component level reducing the cost of repair. The break-fix model will ensure the product is fixed and ready to be used again, going out with a standard 90 day warranty.

In a standard repair, all software for devices will be returned to factory defaults, any bespoke build requirements can be agreed upfront with the customer.

Data baring assets when scrapped will have HDD’s and SSD’s removed for wiping and data destruction.

All repair data is recorded on our system and reported back to the customer , at the end of the repair process the product is cleaned , packed and shipped.

For any products Beyond Economic Repair (BER) they will be scrapped free of charge* (*Products which need specialist recycling will attract a charge and where Triage is paying for shipping to and from customers)

  • Component level repair
  • Return-to-base repair and configuration services
  • Warranty repair and exchange services
  • Parts recovery and recycling
  • Multi-vendor filter and repair avoidance processes

With regular service management reviews of repairs we can demonstrate the yield we are achieving and average costing of repair, including spares consumption. Once we have an understanding of the average cost of repair in total we can move to an all-inclusive repair price.

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