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Triage Services is one of the UK’s leading multi-vendor repair organisations. Our engineers have several OEM accreditations and we invest in the latest technology to test and diagnose, repair to component level, configure and refurbish IT products.

With the majority of our repairs being IT repairs, we have accreditation and certification to ensure that we fulfil our goal of increasing asset up time and reducing cost of ownership with maximum customer satisfaction.

Pioneers of repair management over 20+ years, our engineering centres of excellence offer multi vendor, multi filter capability, and are dedicated to working with our clients to eliminate the incidence of DOA and NFF units in the field. Our comprehensive bespoke workshop management system provides unique tracking and web-based real-time reporting features that keep you informed of repair progress on a minute-by-minute basis.

Triage records all repair transactions through our own bespoke workshop and inventory management system, every single repair is booked in with the units unique serial number and specific customer details as per the customer’s individual requirement. The contracted turnaround time (Standard 5 days) is printed on the workshop repair label and tracked via the system to enable WIP management at the bench and by management to adhere to SLA’s. Engineers are monitored on the quality of their repairs and consumption of materials, to ensure best demonstrated practises are followed.

We offer a range of repair options from:

Once the product has been repaired, we can pack according to customer requirements, print a finished goods label which states the customer part number , serial number, part description, repair date, customer order number and customer tracking number.

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