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Rapid support for a leading breakdown service company

Triage engaged with the customer over the repair of Patrols phones that were being exchanged for new devices when broken. We now repair the devices saving the business thousands of pounds per year. 

We have also taken on the management and deployment of Gold Stock.

The phone is set up for the Patrol before being sent out and in the box is a return label for the old phone to come back through the PUDO network.

The returned phones are inspected, repaired, and all data cleared and returned to gold stock ready for the next call.

What took weeks now takes one day

The service has reduced the time Patrols are without a phone from weeks to 1 day, and we are returning old phones back to service saving money and reducing waste.

We build a new phone for a patrol and ship it using a National PUDO (Pick Up Drop Off) Network, for a pre-8 am delivery to one of 250 locations across the UK. 

The service has expanded to include repair tools for Patrols and Triage are storing and shipping these again with the PUDO network.