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Mission Statement

Our aim is to increase asset up time, reduce cost of ownership with maximum customer satisfaction

Every repair is made with the view of keeping the device working for as long as possible. For a standard repair we offer 90 day warranty, for a refurbishment we offer up to 270 days.

For Turnaround Time (TRT) we aim for 5 working days as a standard, we reduce this for customers where we hold stock of spares for products seen. With a quicker TRT we can help reduce the loop stock required and hold bad stock as repair avoidance reducing your costs.

End of life decommissioning in most cases is a free of charge or even revenue generating process for our customers.

With our reporting tools and repair system which tracks every repair, we can give meaningful insight into both yours and our processes. On a repair ticket we can see how many times we have seen a device and if its under warranty. This will also be flagged in our system so we can review parts and where they are in their product life-cycle.

To speak with us regarding your requirements, please contact us on the numbers below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Triage Services Sales Centre: 01582 470870

Customer Services 01582 470870

or alternatively, email us at