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Company History

2020 - Re-branding and new website

Triage Services have re-branded bringing us in line with TVS, our parent company. Along with a new website and further integration into TVS SCS Rico for a joined up service with Closed Loop logistics.  

Please see Closed Loop page for further details


2018 - Triage Services acquired by TVS SCS Rico

The investment in Triage is a clear signal from TVS Rico that repair is a key stage in field services.  
Owning the process from beginning to end means any issues are communicated quickly and efficiencies are realised. This will ultimately benefit customers with lower failures, lower call rates and higher up times on products. Savings on administration and transport will also be made by the customers. The integration has already seen efficiencies, Triage is now a PUDO and FSL for TVS Rico and our local customers are seeing next day repairs